Devilish Delights:

A Collection of Dastardly Dealings

Never make a deal you aren't ready to keep!


What is one to do when you're the daughter of a famous exorcist faced with battling your first demon? The alluring smile of an angel upon his steed holds both promises and dangers both. Death herself finds herself the hostage of one of the most dangerous men in history. The distinction between partnership and rivalry isn't so different when it comes to these devils and demons.


This collection of novellas, poems, and short stories is filled with delightfully demonic tales of humanity's interaction with the darker side.


Run, she was told. Run like the wild thing you are, and let no chain nor word hold you back. It was Mairi’s first time experiencing the Wild Hunt first hand, and she did not want to disappoint. Even as a pup curled up at her mother’s side in the kennels, she knew of the Wild Hunt. It was the one great evening every full moon where the Lord of the realm of Anwwn, the Underworld, took his hunting party to the realm of men.

Led by the fearless hellhound Dormarch, the king’s Retchet hounds tracked every creature that breathed, man and beast both. Only the strongest and smartest of the king’s hounds were chosen for this hunt, and Mairi dreamed that one day she would count among them.

That day had finally arrived, and so she ran.


                                                ~ Opening to "She of the Many Skins"


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